My hair evolution!

Went to the hairdresser this week and went for a Pixie haircut! It was a huge shock to see myself in the mirror. Really had to get used to it, but now I love it! I can look feminine enough when I wear some lipstick and eyeliner. My new haircut was an inspiration for a new blogpost dedicated to the journey of cutting my hair! Hope you enjoy, the picture quality will improve throughout the years that pass haha.

May 2009

Summer 2009

August 2009

January 2010
February 2010
Summer 2010
March 2011 - slowly my hair got longer
Summer 2011 - untill it was this long

August 2011 - introduction camp of my new school

September 2011 - decided to go short after one month

2012 april - with a longer bang

June 2012 - went to the hairdresser this week, total pixie haircut!
June 2012

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