Jewelry; rings and other things

School is almost finished for me, so that gives me time to spent on blogging and photographing. I will not show you the mess in my room, I keep myself busy with things I like, and cleaning is not really one of them to be honest. So here is a small selection of my rings and other jewelry. I wanted to photograph my earrings too but still need to find a way to do that in a nice way so that it looks good.

Ring from a market in London

Ring from Micasa, a shop in Oss

Ring from Micasa

Against the clock; vintage ring ; blue ring from Micasa; pink ring from H&M

Against the clock; Dolphin ring from a French market; left purple ring Micasa; right green abstract ring Micasa

Against  the clock; watch vintage from my great grandmother; left ring found; right broche vintage

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